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Solved : iPhone / IOS app stuck at loading state

The Problem :

This is the 3rd time this has happened to me. Navigon, a GPS app which is huuuge (1.64 GB huge) in size gets stuck at loading status when downloading an update. Since the app takes 30 minutes to download, what happens is if I start the download and before it completes I move out of my wifi zone, it gets stuck at loading… This is what I have tried so far and failed miserably :

Failed Attempts (These have apparently worked for others, so feel free to try them if you want):

Rebooting the phone/Full Reset –>Keep the power button and Home Button pressed until you see the Apple Logo then let go = FAIL !
Paused the app download and Started it again = FAIL !
Opened Appstore and signed out of my Apple account, Signed back in to see if that helps = FAIL !
Pressed the Navigon icon long enough so that it starts dancing and attempt to delete it = FAIL !
Connected to my iMac and attempt to sync with ITunes = FAIL !

Solution :

After trying all of the above, what finally worked for me is this :

FIX 1:

  • Connect iPhone to your computer (Mac/PC)
  • In iTunes on your computer, uncheck the culprit application
  • Click Sync button
  • After sync is finished, you will notice that although iTunes on your computer thinks the app is gone, it will still show in stuck stage on your iPhone. Don’t worry coz the next step will fix this !!
  • Now check the app again in iTunes and sync again
  • Voila!!! It will get fixed. Phew !!!

FIX 2:

This one is weird and I came across it in a forum and didn’t believe it would work initially. But guess what? It works!

  • All you need to do is Settings->General->International->Languages–>Change to British English
  • This will cause the Springboard to soft reset and the stuck apps will automatically resume and download themselves!
  • You can now change the language back to US English or whatever (I am in U.S)
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